Expert home repair service tips on avoiding ladder fall injuries



Spring is one of the best times to perform maintenance of your property. This, in most cases, includes inspecting the roof and siding and the occasional repainting. Most of these tasks require using a ladder to get to otherwise hard to reach areas. However, the constant climbing back and forth up a set of wooden rungs can lead to unwanted injuries. Here are some tips on how to avoid such traumas provided by a professional home repair service provider.


Clean, non-slippery and proper clothing

Before you begin to perform maintenance tasks around the property, you should inspect your ladder. Make sure it is in good shape: no loose screws, hinges or rungs. Also, ensure it is sturdy and will be suitable for the task. Clean off mud and other slippery liquids and substances. Also, make sure you are wearing shoes without leather soles. Check that your shoelaces are tied well and that the legs of your trousers are not going to get in the way as you climb.


Position well and do not lean too far

When positioning the ladder make sure it is close the area Ladder workyou will be working on. Engage the braces or locks before scaling and do not place it close to electrical wires, tree limbs or other obstacles when extended. When placing it use the home repair service 1 to 4-foot ratio. For each 4 feet extended length the base should be 1 foot away from the wall. For example, if your ladder extends 20 feet up, the base should be 5 feet from the wall. It should also be at least 3 feet higher than the roof. Be sure to position it on firm even ground. Never overreach – your navel should not go beyond the sides.


Many maintenance and repair tasks at home require using a ladder. To avoid unwanted trips to the hospital due to fall injuries certain precautions need to be taken. This includes ensuring the ladder is sturdy and in good condition. You should also place it on firm even ground, away from the wall. If you would like to learn more about DIY safety precautions contact a professional home repair service provider. An example of one such company is Spiro's Handyman Service in Alexandria, LA.