Our Professional Home Repair Service

Spiro's Handyman Service is not your usual “knock on your door” handyman. We are a professional handyman that’s based in Alexandria, LA who has been in business since 2007. If you are in need of quality professional home repair service, we are the ones to call. We have repaired, maintained, and remodeled countless homes in the area, and when people need a trustworthy and reliable handyman, we are the first and the last ones that they call. So why trust us to perform repairs on your home? 

Quick Repairs

We are known to be one of the fastest handymen in the area. Once you call us, we send an experienced and skilled professional to your home right away. Our professional home repair service is one of the trusted in the area, and we are also known to finish the job on time, or even earlier without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to meet or even exceed your expectations. Whether you need fence or deck repair, we always make sure that we deliver when it comes to results.


We Repair When Nobody Else Can

How many times have you heard a handyman compProfessional Home Repair Serviceany tell you that they cannot fix it? When the handyman that you hired tells you that something is beyond repair and you need to replace it, we are here to step up to the plate and prove them wrong. Our professional home repair service will ensure that we perform all possible repairs to ensure that you don’t spend on unnecessary replacements. We also know when something is considered damaged beyond repair, and if our expert handymen would tell you that investing in a replacement is a better option, that means that you will save more on actually replacing that part other than repairing it only to have it break again in the future.


Spiro's Handyman Service is the handyman that will get the job done when it comes to home repairs in Alexandria, LA. Call us now at (318) 452-0716.